Rapper “CDQ” took to his instagram page to react to the news of him fighting after his chain was snatched at a hotel in ado ekiti.

He Wrote:

I don’t know who’s behind dis blog but whoever d person be… he/she na baby goat ? with ur caption “Street Credibility Lost like say ur papa dey dia when e happen ? if na u and ur papa or some other people dey dis situation e sure me die say u go don take-off for ur life ? FYI: If u look tru d video very well, I never panicked despite d fact they’re armed… I stood/fought to get my chain back right there… Anybody can get jumped anytime… just pray u don’t get unexpected occurrences at unexpected places… I do not have anything against the crowd as a matter of fact but the management of the hotel cos they told us that’s one of the most prestigious hotel in Ado-Ekiti… You don’t expect Artistes to always walk around hotels for example strolling @ Intercontinental Hotel Lagos premises with armed Securities… These are people that saw me walking to my hotel room and all came for pictures… How would I have known that hoodlums that’ll be attracted to stealing my chains would be among them… Anyways thanks to the ones wey collect one or two that same night ?? I got my chains back ?asé lon panic ?