An Excerpt of the  interview with  Binbin’Onah as compiled by Gold Voice Media.
Binbin’Onah his an Enugu born – Lagos based  raggae artist
G. V. M : since you started your music career you have shun media, why the sudden change of your mind today?
Binbin’Onah : Yea, I’ve shuned media  all this while because im too busy for media distraction. For this reason, I’ve not been able to concede my profile for any accessibility. Also I shun social media though not to totally, with the situation at stake I get comments upon the bias repotage of some media owners in this country.
G. V. M : How?
Binbin’Onah : well,  on the eve till the down of 14th of last month, I went online only to see all media spaces filled up with  shout of help from my Aba and Umuahia  brethren, I  dialed a particular Lagos radio station’s number to alart them of the situation , which took  them complete 5 hours to pickup, when they eventually pick up,  they argued and rejected the authenticity of the report, but few days ago, same radio station  was expressing their fears over tge planned crocodile smile II in their region saying “we hope this will not be like the python dance II”. What a hypocrisy?
G. V. M : Do you really think your governors requested for the operation as many had insinuated ?
Binbin’Onah : It was clear through their actions and reactions before, during and after the operation.
G. V. M : Do you now say that your leaders are not doing the needful in terms if securing the interest of the led.
Binbin’Onah : Politicians, not leaders.  It’s quite unfortunate for them to have allowed their senses to be fully occupied by sense of competition and jealous, and hence deviated widely from the people. They should know that few cannot compete with multitude for numerousity. When you care less about the ideology and aspirations of the millions, I wonder whose interest you swore an oath to represent.
G. V. M : Not only the politicians, yours brethren down there believe that you celebraties have not done enough for them.
Binbin’Onah : That’s true.  But let me emphasise this:a radio station almost rejected my song and when reluctantly accepted it, they made sure, it gained no air play even when audience continue to request for it. My only sin however, is putting on “BIAFRA” bangle on the hard cover of the song. Again in many occasions on stage display – some people think the bangle is a mere reggae bangle, some recognize it and frown while few cheer it-those are things you went through in the hand of media and fans when you publicly profess biafra. But I don’t mind because if they reject my songs as results of that I have over 30 million biafrans who will proudly accept it as a result of same reason. I can’t hide my biafra identity even in their midst.
G. V. M : Don’t you think the people’s expectation is beyond ordinary wearing of biafran custum
Binbin’Onah : firstly I thank KANU, IPOB and MASSOB for the revolutionary movement so far. Yes they have done a lot and now is time for supportive decision. In my part – I’ve done some findings on the situation at stake and the reality behind it and was able to come up with a decision which I hope IPOB D. O. S will allow me to contribute (it’s the reason I granted this interview). This decision is expected to achieve.
i. Concensus repatriation hance, wider support for the struggle – we really need this.
ii. More international allies because, Nigeria being a sovereign state will always be favored no matter how we lament .
iii. Last, Nigeria will be forced to negotiate her unity.
G. V. M : How do you intend to achieve this?
Binbin’Onah : making my decision open is an act of noise making and unseriousness ; I don’t believe in that.
G. V. M : What is your advice to the pro-biafrans?
Binbin’Onah : inasmuch as I am not a registered IPOB or MASSOB, I am spiritually part of them and will nit like to see any member of these groups die again in the course of this struggle . This group is globally powerful than we can contain more bloodshed. Through the diligence of it’s leadership, it has advanced beyond unwarranted lost of life. If natural death, I like to see no further death till biafra is restored. And we pray for the safety of Kanu who is under the den of Nigerian soldiers.
G. V. M : should your people want to hear your voice musically, how possible is it?
Binbin’Onah : if I get you right, you are trying to ask after the means they can download my songs? Though, this is not the appropriate medium but then, you can download “let’s talk peace” through ” This link  ”  but “economic recession” is still place under ban by the N.B.C the  reason best known to them.