Meet Ebele Ezeamaka, The Nigerian Instrumentalist Who Left Oil &Gas To Become A Flutist

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Ebele Ezeamaka is the first female flutist in Nigeria, having left a lucrative oil and gas career for flute playing.

Today, she speaks on the journey so far and her passion for music among others.

Take us through the journey of the flute…..

 laying the flute started at an early age of about 14 for me. It was just like a hobby. I was exposed to a musical background where I learnt the rudiments of music, fundamentals of flute playing among others. At that early age my parents encouraged me because they could see that I had  a flair for music. I had the skill of singing so when exposed to a learning environment; I had the opportunity of picking up an instrument to learn. The flute was the right choice because it blends with my soprano voice.

I was going to ask:  the choice of flute out of all other musical instruments, what was the reason for it?

I have a high pitched voice, it’s soprano. So when it was time for me to choose an instrument, the flute fitted in properly.

What are the challenges of a female flutist?

In the early years of my journey as a professional flutist,  it was really stressful and discouraging. I had no one who really supported me; no one believed I could make it here in this country. But I kept on in the journey; my passion was my motivation, not money.

But now all that has changed. By God’s grace I have tuned those challenges to stepping stones. I am well celebrated here in Nigeria and have been profiled as “Nigeria’s first and foremost female flutist”.

What is your biggest breakthrough experience?

This question is difficult to answer because I celebrate every success and victory God has given me. I am always grateful for them no matter how small they are. Because God is the giver of big breakthroughs and small breakthroughs. So I celebrate all of them the same way.

What is the acceptability level of this instrument in Nigeria?

What can I say? Those who say that I can’t make it here in this country are the ones celebrating me more.

It’s been widely accepted in and outside this country. It’s a brand now. I train and teach Music, and am also a Personal Development Coach. It’s well recognized and a lot of organisations partner with me.

Right now I am partnering with the Lagos State government (Ministry of Youth and Social Development), helping the youths of Lagos State by training and coaching programs.

How often do you get business and tell us your coverage range and region.

Business comes all the time for me because, just as I said  “Ebele The Flutist “ is a brand now. I don’t only just do music performance; I train, teach and coach. So it’s either I am doing music, or I am involved in a training and coaching program.

I move from one organization to another teaching and coaching youths and interested organizations that want to partner with me. That helped me cover a large range. It also births the vision of my music school which will take off soonest.

Also, I train online. During the pandemic, the exposure of this brand online really helped me and gave me breakthroughs. I had students from other countries connecting with me and asking for training. So now, “Ebele The Flutist” is global. Well recognized in and outside this country.

Do ever think that this job is not what you ever wished to do? Is there any other thing you do other than music?

Never for once.  I left my job for this. I was working in an oil and gas firm as an accountant because I read Accounting as my first degree, and Business Administration as a post-graduate course, I resigned to pursue my passion which is music.  I can never wish for any other thing better than seeing myself fulfilling my passion.

There are other things I do; I started an upcoming company called “Ebele’s World”. It involves products and services on Health, Fitness, Beauty and Style. I am also a talk show host on a show called #LetsTalkWithEbele.


Source: Vanguard

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