My Experience Dating A Casanova – Nigerian Musician, Chinenye Nweke Opens Up

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Chinenye Joy Nweke, the well-endowed songstress, also known as Supernova, doesn’t mince words. She speaks candidly and directly, especially when it comes to comparing herself with others.

In this interview, the versatile singer, actress and movie producer opens up on her career, insisting that she’s better and more beautiful than all other Nigerian female artistes. Enjoy it.  

Tell us briefly about yourself?

My name is Chinenye Joy Nweke popularly known as Supernova. I am 22 and first child from a family of eight. I’m from Ebonyi State, but graduated from Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK) where I studied Business Administration. I won some beauty pageants at the time, including Queen of Anambra Heritage despite being a native of Ebonyi State. 

You’re fast becoming a household name and your Abuja show turning a talk of the town, this must have cost you a fortune; how are you coping with it?

Yes, I’ve spent over N150 million since the establishment of Black Celebrity Empire, my music outfit. Aside this, I’ve made some financial impact on over 10,000 youths across the 36 states of Nigeria. And they have contributed to my career as well. Music is not easy, it costs too much money, but God has been there for me, and I’m happy the way my career is going.

What influenced your stage name, Supernova? 

The stage name, Supernova was influenced by my love for science. Supernova means ‘when the star explodes it’s the brightest to that of the sun’, so I chose the name to illuminate the entertainment scene. Yes, I am Supernova. My journey into the music world started in 2019, and I have a few singles to my credit, including Badder Than You, Bounce, Key, Moon, Holyshit, and Hustle Go Pay, and my latest effort, Casanova.  

What inspired your song, Casanova?

The song, Casanova is from my experience back in 2018. I had this guy I was dating; he was a Casanova. One woman was not always okay for him. He was everywhere and always playing with my emotions. This song and my other songs tell a story as it concerns poverty, maltreatment, discrimination, domestic violence, gender humiliation, and corruption at all levels. 

Which audience does your music look to capture? 

I want my music to be loved by all. Growing up, I always listened to Bob Marley because my dad always played his songs, though he’s late now. So, I love his music because it tells stories, he feels the pain of the people, he knows what the masses are passing through. I got inspiration from there. This is what you can associate my music with, the reality and what people go through. 

Are you looking to work with other artistes? 

I really look forward to working with artistes in Nigeria and internationally. I look forward to working with the likes of 2Baba, Big Wiz and Davido. 

As an artiste, what stands you out? 

Considering my style of music, I would say I’m bringing the future of music to Nigeria. I have different genres of sound, including my main Afrobeat, R&B and hip-hop. You will also hear trap music instrumentals all embedded in the modern style of music that I would be bringing, which is something unique and different. And there’s a message in every of my songs. 

Are you saying you have what it takes to compete with other female artistes in the industry?

I have what it takes to shine in the industry. I have the passion for music; I’m also here for the money because I love money as an Igbo girl. I’m confident, I have the beauty, and looking at sexiness, I would be bringing the full package especially how a 21st Century female artiste should look. Presently, I don’t think there is any (Nigerian) female artiste that is as beautiful as I am or has a good song like I do, because my songs are not just about the beat, but also about good lyrics. 

How have you been tackling challenges? 

There are always challenges. Starting anything like music or even any business, the challenges are always there, but one shouldn’t give up. Music is like a product and as such can be challenging trying to get people to listen to you and love what you do. But I’m grateful for the crew I’m working with. I almost gave up. But I had to tell myself ‘if I stop doing music what else will I do? I didn’t want to go into movies fully where I’m more of a producer than actor. Although, doing movies makes me happy, but I’m more excited doing music where I fully express myself. Music is the only thing that wakes me up in the middle of the night, and if it’s not going well, I will start crying and feel depressed. 

Tell us more about your Abuja show?

My concert is coming up on October 16, 2021 at the prestigious Transcorp Hilton in Abuja. Tagged: ‘Supernova Live’, the show will feature 2Face, Juliet Ibrahim, Edo Pikin and another notable one I don’t want to reveal for now.

How would you advise up and coming artistes? 

Don’t give up, as it is usually not smooth from the onset. When you’re newly entering into the music space, you have to remove your mind from making money immediately. Just have the passion and let the passion first drive you. There are millions of fans out there that would subscribe to your music; just be you. Even when others around you say that your music is trash, gather courage to put that music out and you will not regret it.


Source: Sun News

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