NASRUL-LAHI-L-FATIH SOCIETY OF NIGERIA (NASFAT) ONDO BRANCH ZONE FIVE LAELATUL QUADRI (NIGHT OF MAJESTY)  wish was held on 23rd of June 2017 and commences at exactly 9:00 pm till dawn.
 “Topic was; Actualizing Islam in a morally decadent society.”
   The spiritual father of the day was our dearly ALH. (DR.)  IMAM SHEIKH BASHIR ALIMI( the chief imam of ondo Kingdom, the Grand Muftih General of Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, Nigeria and also the vice chairman of League of Imam and Alfas, Ondo State, Nigeria.).
The lecturer of the day was Alhaji Sheikh Yoosuf Babatunde Ayeniromo (a.k.a Ọkọ iya eleko)  also known as Action.(school of Arabic and Islamic studies oshogbo osun state.)
The lecturer has guided us very well in the given topic to discuss and people learn a lot and engage in the prayer during the night of majesty for a better transformation in their life.  Fron what the lecturer past on to the gathering during his sermon was to give out eleven points from the context even though he could only mention six due shortage of time some of the given points include;
1. Civilization
2 understanding what islam means and its compromised
3. Continuity
4. Every one should be realistic that tomorrow is now
5. Seeking for our heroes past and life and where they are today.
6. Speaking from our past to juxtaposed in our present.

One of the rhetorical questions asked by the lecturer include, Why do we wake up in the morning when we sleep in the night….  And he finally gave an answer to in which he said it’s because to correct the wrong deeds of yesterday, since, once an opportunity lost it can hardly b regain again. The lecturer also mentioned that the only grace given to us is our life because with life we can do many things.

The lecturer also made mention of Three life we are  to live in our life time. The first is the past followed by the present and the future. Also Three questions you will b asked, firstly, at what stage did u meet islam. Secondly, What was your impart in Islam in your life time,and  lastly at what’s position did you left islam. Also the lecturer acknowledged that lailatul- qudr is not a ceremony but is an ibaadah.
 As at when the lecturer get through with his sermon he was accompanied by the chief missioner of the hosting of branch named Alh. Ali Alaaya with his cabinet.
 May almighty Allah accept this as an act of IBAADAH amin.

   Compiled by OYEWOLE AFEEZ.