Nigerian singer Wizkid who shut down the O2 Arena in London has been called out by a fan who is rather not impressed by his singer abilities as he said he can’t sing.

The man who claims to be Wizkid’s fan has urge him to stop making babies and hire a vocal trainer that will help him improve in his vocals as he sang nothing for 30 minute.

The frustrated fan identified as @ola_skanmi on Instagram has urge he return back the 60£ and the paid transport fare of 40£ back to him as it was a total waste of money.

In his words;

  • “Wizkid please stop making babies, go and get a vocal coach, because you can’t sing and please I want my 60£ ticket money and 40£ taxi back, busted wasted 100£. I dey vex ni ooo, I bought new kicks, new jacket, spent money go watch this guy, he sing nothing for 30 min and left”.