These past few weeks, we have seen large number of Nollywood actors show off their latest asset. If it is not a car, it will be a house.

Nollywood actress Ronke Oshodi-Oke has however called out her colleagues who are in the constant habit of running to social media to show off, anytime they buy a car or a house.

On her IG live, yesterday, she said :

“Before you show off, first look at the condition of your home. Have you ever seen a banker flaunting his or her car on social media? You bought a car, you put it on social media. Even those that are not up to 40 years are now lying on social media that they are 40. You bought a house, you put it on social media. Why? Why are we doing all that? Actor Odunlade Adekola bought a Range Rover and nobody knew anything, since he has brain and wise. This one bought a car, it’s on social media, that one bought something, it’s on social media. Is social media our life?”