What is this world turning to?

Turns out, popular sex doll, Samantha can now turn down sex if she’s not in the mood or if she feels disrespected. The creator, Dr. Sergi Santos, upgraded the robot at the request of his wife, so it can now shut down if it feels like it’s being treated inappropriately, reports Independent UK.

The upgrade meant the doll can now enter what is called ‘dummy mode.’ The mode is activated if sensors under her skin detect a partner is aggressive or if Samantha is bored by its partner’s advances.`

She even has the ability to say “No” if she wants to. The new update will encourage sex doll owners to treat robot woman — and real women — with respect and create awareness about consent.

The robot has motorised hands, hips and face, and can whisper endearments if properly seduced. She also has ‘family’, ‘romantic’ and ‘sex’ modes, as well as an ‘extra naughty’ level.