Social Media Users Shocked Over Nelson Mandela’s Lookalike Photos

Posted by on April 13, 20210

A photo of Nelson Mandela’s lookalike has left many people in great shock with some asking questions.

Photos showing a man who looks almost like South African legendary activist and ex-President, Nelson Mandela have captivated many people on social media.
The photos were shared by a Twitter user.
Users jokingly are questioning whether Nelson Mandela resurrected from heaven since his death in 2013.
Some added that this could be the real Mandela who remained in prison all these years while his clone became president, or whether infact the man is one of Madiba’s missing children from his love-affairs in his youth.
Speculation is also rife about the lookalike’s location, with some claiming it is in Zimbabwe, Congo-Brazzaville and even Anambra in Nigeria.

Like this:

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