“Stop Snatching Your Fellow Women’s Husbands,” Actress Uche Ebere Tells Women

Posted by on October 13, 20210

"Stop Snatching Your Fellow Women's Husbands," Actress Uche Ebere Tells Women
Uche Ebere

Nollywood actress, Uche Ebere, has warned women to desist from the habit of snatching their fellow women’s husbands and destroying their marriages.

According to the movie star, women have jumped on the trending #NobodyLikeWoman challenge but can’t stop snatching their fellow women’s husbands without any remorse.

In her words:

#NobodyLikeWoman These women snatching their fellow women’s husbands. Hope they follow in this trend? Okay, but a woman will be manipulating a man she sees that is in love with her fellow woman till the man starts flirting with her and her fellow women supporters clapping for her, calling it cruise.”

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