These three drugs are as much of a problem as cough syrup

These three drugs are as much of a problem as cough syrup

Now that Nigeria has finally woken from the drug-induced slumber it was in, the news about drug abuse in the country, particularly codeine-infused cough syrups, has stuck more than a few nerves.

The government has responded as one would expect, by placing a ban on the granting of licenses for the importation of codeine.

Whether this was the best thing to do or a panic reaction that is bound to create worse problems is easily obvious.

What’s even worse is that this new found fascination with codeine creates the illusion that Nigeria has a simple cough syrup problem when it is actually dealing with a drug crisis.

Here are 3 other drugs that Nigerians abuse just as much as cough syrup.

(1) Rohypnol:

Known as roofies, Roche, refnol and many other bastardized versions of the original name, Rohypnol is sold in Nigeria as an over-the-counter medicine for severe insomnia and for anaesthetic purposes.

However, young people chasing the dreamy haze that it induces now abuse it to scary proportions.

The drug is relatively cheap and unlike marijuana, can be used discreetly.

Most users swallow it as a pill, dissolved in a drink or snorted. The more adventurous and oblivious of them sprinkle it on marijuana and smoke it.

The most popular form of use though is to lick it as one would do a toffee. When this is done, it leaves a blue tinge on the user’s tongue which you may have spotted on one or more young people.

Where pharmacists fail, young people get the drug from roadside vendors or dealers who sell an assortment of drugs.

Rohypnol is also nearly tasteless; which has made it ideal for use in drugging unsuspecting victims.

(2) Tramadol:

Tramadol is an opioid analgesic prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain. Healthcare practitioners consider it to be a safe alternative to other stronger narcotics painkillers like hydrocodone.

The problem though is that, as a result of factors like pricing and availability,

It is delivered in two forms. For medical purposes, such as surgeries or for severe pain, it is given as intravenously as an injection or passed as drips.


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