White Woman Accused of ‘Stealing’ Her Black Husband Begs Black Women to Leave Her Alone (Photo)

Posted by on October 19, 20210

A popular Swiss woman, Nwanyiocha who is married to a Nigerian man has asked black women accusing her of ‘stealing’ her husband to leave her alone.

The mother of three who is married to Chief Ezenwa, from Isuofia in Anambra State took to her Facebook page to plead with black women to allow her rest.

According to her, it is the king who choose whom he crowns his queen.

She wrote:

“Haters | Exposing myself to the public means exposing myself to other opinions. Some people love what I do and others don’t. And I can live with that.

“But black women accusing me of “stealing” their black man from them should get their facts straight: In Ala Igbo, the king chooses whom he crowns his queen – not the other way around!

#stophating #akamindyourbusiness #lovebeyondcolor

“| Freemode Version |

A picture of me an Ezenwa hugging after the official pronouncements as Nze Ezeanyi Ezenwa n’Isuofia na Lolo Anyanwu Ututu”

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