Nigerian in pandemonium. 

One of the reasons why it seems we are lagging behind in terms of development in Nigeria is the fact that we’ve largely embraced and exalted POLITICS more than anything
We discuss about politics as though our existence depend on it and that without it we can’t make it big in life

Politics is the only enterprise that strives in Nigeria, and the business is only for the greedy and selfish people we portray as our leaders, virtually  every sectors, institutions both public and private have been politicised and the most saddening one is the inclusion of religious bodies

A sacred body which should be distinctively known for holiness has allowed itself to be dragged into politics, infact the way some religious leaders talk about religious activities in Nigeria is more or less like classifying themselves as a political party

I wonder how a country will attain its developmental plans when every of their resources and income generated are going into politics alone.

Most discouraging is the fact that, most of our national debates are always on politics. And if this sounds like a lie you can get a newspaper and check its front page, a good percentage of what you will see there is on politics, when we can make researches about many things that will benefit the ordinary man on the street.

I think its high time we started changing our view on how we take politics in Nigeria, because this is only helping the rogues who are piloting the affair of this nation and not you.
By com. Ilupeju Funmibi.