ACESU 2018/19 Stands Against Hike In School Fees : A Call For Solidarity

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“If you keep your mouth shut, you will never put your foot in it”

“`It is very burdensome that the Students’ Union agitation on the recent hike in school fees was futile and this was placed on the fact that there was no unity amidst the Union officers of the 2018/19 academic session.“`

When I was contesting to serve students, I didn’t contest so as to please any other person rather than the students who elected me, I had the burning passion because I have people who have done it right and their name has never for once been forgotten.

The recent hike in school fees was at first not burdensome as I solemnly believed that it was a mistake on the part of the management but the released fees payable by students after the agitation made it clear that it is actually real.

A union who doesn’t have a good stand will surely fail as this is not what unionism really stands for.

We know the kind of unionism that was practiced during the time of our fathers from the history we heard from our lecturers and even people in high positions, this can still be reiterated.

_The union isn’t a union without the support of the masses and a union who doesn’t have a stand which will favour their students is a failed union.
I hereby call on the Students’ Union president, Comr. Adebusoye Oluwatobi Emmanuel and other union executives of the 2018/2019 academic session to rise amidst all odds and let’s fight for the right cause, posterity will never forget us all, whether you do good or otherwise.

The unanimous agreement of the student’s union excos can do more than something to the hike in school fees, we have people that are ready to agitate for students right but the passion almost went into extinction because of the issue that recently occurred which I believe should be burdensome but should neveraffect the interest of the students we are representing.

The elected union excos need our help as we have shattered there plans with our I -don’t -care attitude.

“`Arbicans need us at the moment and this is the time we can prove to them that we are not being fed upon, we are true union officers who will stand for the truth regardless the consequences.
I hereby urge all union officers of the 2018/2019 academic session to resume back to the union building regardless of their schedules, I beg you all( ACESU excos 2018/19 AS) with the name of the God you serve, let us come together in unity and fight for the right cause.

I have written and I will continue to write until the oppressed are liberated, I have not changed and I remain my humble self.

_ACESU General Secretary and lifewire of Aluta forces 2018/19 AS_
January 9, 2019.

Cc: All Union Excos 2018/19 ably led by Comr. Adebusoye Oluwatobi Emmanuel

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Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta✊🏿

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