Popular for his lavish lifestyle, social media celebrity, Hushpuppi has shared his two cents on the trending issue in Nigeria currently which is the #EndSARS movement.

Following the drama that has engulfed social media and Nigeria as a whole, Hushpuppi is of the opinion that people needs to start speaking up and lending their voices concerning SARS.

He took to his social media to share this;

Hushpuppi Shares His Thoughts On The Abuse Of Power by SARS In Nigeria 5Hushpuppi Shares His Thoughts On The Abuse Of Power by SARS In Nigeria 6

The abuse of power by the police/sars is currently going beyond bearable. If I for the fact that whatever they do to the people won’t affect me cos I don’t live in Nigeria, what about my brothers who live there? What about my parents? What about my friends who are working day in day out and want to enjoy their youthful age and energy, what will happen to my amazing fans who will like to emulate my lifestyle or that of so many other celebrities out there who have decided to not use their voices to fight for them. Please we can’t only depend on the failed government to help us and come to the rescue of the people since it is the system of their government to oppress youths and anyone who speak up against them and criticize them rather than learn how to handle criticism properly and let it develop them rather than discourage them and turn them to wolves. From the office of every D.P.O who let their boys go out and illegally obtain money from the masses and unfairly treat and harass people to the office of the commission of police to the inspector general of police, you all are shameless and irresponsible for ignoring this acts that keep repeating its self hourly, daily in the lives of innocent Nigerians who has been deprived of their fundamental human rights as a citizen of your so called country. Nigerians stand together or go down one by one. Happy Eid ✌. Keep reposting and speaking up. *quiet ☝